We makes A Difference In Families :

Being a parent, it’s natural to wonder if you make any sort of difference. How can we know if we’re making a difference in our children’s lives? What actions of ours will really make a difference?

In a coloring book, it doesn’t matter how simple or complex the drawings are; they always seem flat, lifeless, and two-dimensional. But when color is added, it brings life and dimension. Until color is added, the outlined characters merely exhibit potential. Color brings completion.

Kids are a lot like those outlined drawings. The house they live in, the things they own — the bikes, balls, toys, or clothes — the schools they’ve attended, and the training they’ve received are only black boundary lines on a white background. If that’s all there is, the figures remain flat, lifeless, two-dimensional. What may be missing are the colors of self-worth, spiritual and emotional security, self-image, and confidence.

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